Sunday, 9 May 2010

Neutral Blues

A set with flowers - Perhaps use for necklace/bracelet & earrings!

Right I must make food - starving family for the sake of beads..
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And here is my setup, Minor Burner
my glass back extraction chamber (thanks Dad in Law Michael) & my AIM 84BD kiln..

Its not this tidy right now!!
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So heres beadybabes shedio

Where Maz makes beads whenever she gets the chance!
Like after Iv made Dinner - off to do that now Pineapple & Coconut
Chicken curry.

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Fun in the Sun

Again thanks to Lorna Prime for her wonderfull demos at the Flame Off!

Straight lines were drawn in alternating colours or orange and yellow glass stringers then by heating the surface and plunging in a fairly thick stringer of yellow and twisting I got my swirly suns on light blue efretti - the daffodil yellow spacers are a great complement!

But how much should I be selling my beads and sets for?

Iv got loads of beads and jewellery to upload to my website now that Iv learned to use picassa - I love U Rob!! thanks for your help with the photos and showing me how to use picassa ..
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Time for Colour?

Focal bead with a couple of complementary red coral
beads, a bit of fun :)

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Poison Apple

This apple shaped focal bead is a big one at 29mm x 34mm made with CIM Cranberry over CIM Peace and with stringers of intense black to decorate - it looks great with this dark burgundy coloured orchid..
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NEW Kandinsky style beads

After watching Lorna Prime demonstrating how to draw straight lines with stringer, I was inspired to make beads using the technique. I hope that I have given my own twist too..

Inspired by Kandinsky's art...